Kirsten, Los Angeles

Steve guided the small Kambo group gently and generously. I had assumed I would be crying and throwing up and defecating all at the same time and for whatever reason, I was ready and willing. But my actually experience was very different.
After Steve applied the Kambo I remained alert and curious, observing the immediate effects of the medicine. I have a hand tremor and I held the intention that the Kambo aid in healing my nervous disorder. My hands tingled as if they were falling asleep, then they turned blue. I knew Kambo was not a hallucinogen but I wasn't trusting my eyes. Steve came up to me and said, "Oh, your hands are blue." Just a statement of fact, which I appreciated. Then they swelled up a bit. Eventually they went back to normal and I threw up (not sure in which came first, honestly.) Then I snuggled under a blanket and started shaking uncontrollably, though I wasn't cold. (I later read that this shaking was typical in a mental/neurological breakthrough.)
We all had a cup of tea and I went home feeling tired.
The next morning I woke up and the cough and sinus problems which I had been dealing with for two weeks were totally gone. But much more remarkable was the bizarre feeling I was having. I felt gigantic, as if my body was the nucleus of an atom and my electron cloud spanned thousands of miles. It was a profound feeling of the interconnectedness of all life -- a phrase often said, but I had never experienced it to this extent. The oddest part was that it felt like only a very subtle shift.

Steve had told me that some people become very productive after Kambo. It sounded like a nice side effect but I fear those kinds of expectations. By the afternoon of the day after the Kambo I had broken the second act of a feature length screenplay. I had a first draft of the script within a week. All the weird mind-games and questioning and whatever it is that we do to keep ourselves stagnant had left me.

This last week I've also seen clearly how I sabotage myself -- a party with an open bar could properly be called the Anti-Kambo for me. I quit coffee because it only exacerbates a tremor, but I really fought quitting it. It tasted disgusting to me after the Kambo, but I kept saying, "let me just try it again. Maybe it will taste better this time."

I still have the hand tremor. It was a little less for the first three days after the Kambo but returned to its normal state along with my New Years Eve hangover. (Steve did implore us to be kind to our bodies - eat well, etc.) But the Kambo is definitely working hard, giving me lots of help and I feel very grateful. I look forward to having another session with Steve.


Peter, Oakland CA

I had been a pack a day smoker for 30 years with no luck in quitting although I tried numerous times to no avail. A friend mentioned that Steve was coming to town and asked if I wanted to try a Kambo ceremony. I researched a bit and said yes. I showed up and met Steve and the other participants.

Steve emanated a feeling of calm and I felt very safe .

We drank the water and reclined in a peaceful place .The ceremony started and I was determined to last as long as possible before purging .I felt a warmth o through my body and skin . Steve blew some sort of snuff up my nose to make me convulse a bit ..It burned.pretty good .. and it worked .I began purging and Steve let us do our thing while burning sage and speaking soothingly .I let like something special was happening ,and it was .! After a while it was done. We ate some delicious fruit and cheese.afterwards while discussing a bit about the ceremony ..very peaceful.!

Needless to say I have not smoked since that day . Something about the Kambo ceremony worked when nothing else ever had . Maybe releasing all those toxins ?

I am forever grateful ! Literally saved my life .Thank you Steve ! Thank you Kambo !


Amy, Auburn CA

When I decided to get clean from heroin, i was suggested to try a few Kambo treatments to reset my brain and body and heal some neural pathways. My friend suggested we go see Steve. We drove down to Oakland and Steve was welcoming and kind. He was so supportive of my choice to get clean, he was genuinely curious about my condition and had some amazing suggestions throughout my whole experience. After applying the medicine, Steve was right with me the whole time. I felt safe and comfortable, I trusted everything he was telling me. So, we had him come to our house the very next day for another treatment. He was still curious about how I was doing and was still supportive and compassionate. It was a beautiful experience! As a result of my first Kambo treatments, I have been clean ever since! Around my 1 year anniversary, we had Steve come back for another circle with a close friend, a circle of 3. He was just as supportive and kind a year later, and he had a new method for chakra cleansing with the Kambo. I am so grateful for Steve facilitating all of my kambo treatments, I trust him to always care. He is a beautiful soul. Steve is the only person i will ever have facilitate my Kambo therapy! 🐸💖💚💖💚🐸


Jamie, Berkeley CA

I found my way to Kambo through a good friend. She knew I had tried almost everything to help alleviate my anxiety, depression, and generally “stuck” feeling— with little to no effect.

Kambo had helped with her anxiety and I felt that it was worth a try. When I entered the room to the session I was extremely nervous. Steve greeted me with a warm smile, acknowledged my fear and immediately put me at ease. The session began by connecting with the other participants- This was actually very comforting because even though the session is deeply personal you feel supported by those around you. The session takes you out of your thinking mind and puts you completely in your body. Steve tailors each session to your specific needs and issues. I have done Kambo three times and although each time was completely different, they have all had a positive effect. The most interesting part about Kambo is that is finds what needs to be healed or released. Kambo works from the ground up. In the days, weeks following a treatment I found myself doing things that were previously insurmountable without any effort on my part. I highly recommend Steve as a healer, practitioner, and guide.



Going into my first Kambo treatment I was a little nervous and unsure of what was going to happen. Steve answered all my questions and was so calm while explaining the treatment to the group that he put everyone at ease. Steve was nurturing and supportive throughout the treatment, I felt safe and knew I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to working with Steve in my following treatments.



It has been one week since my first Kambo ceremony and I cannot get it off of my mind.

I didn’t come to Kambo on my own or discover it by researching a way to heal my own emotional and physical struggles. For that reason, I was more hesitant about receiving it than some others might be. I was open to hearing about it, reading, and learning, and believed

what I read and heard to be true, but my fear of the process told me that it wasn’t something I needed to be open to trying.

Steve talked me through my fear and anxiety surrounding the process in a kind and patient way. It’s very clear he is knowledgeable and experienced, but his gentle nature and kind spirit put me instantly at ease. I felt safe with him, and was ready to experience what Kambo had in store for me.

I wasn’t surprised by anything I felt during the ceremony, but knew I needed to be strong and willing to work through it so that the medicine could go where it needed. For me, the most difficult physical part was the eye drops Steve used at first to “open my heart”, he said. They

burned intensely but the burning made me radically present since I could only focus on that pain. Ironically, the shock of pain in my eyes made me very centered and calm because I needed to soothe myself. The Kambo itself instantly made me feel warm and fuzzy, until the feeling intensified and the discomfort of nausea began. My purging was strong and plentiful but that didn’t bother me once it began. I’ve always felt much better after vomiting and like I’m leaving a sickness behind me. In this case, I could literally see the toxins I was releasing and relinquishing. That made me feel good, clean, and hopeful. Once I was through, I shivered and laid down, and Steve covered me with his grandmother’s blanket and brought me hot tea. I felt totally comforted and cared for. He played traditional music and quietly sang along, which I loved.
Just after the ceremony, I felt positive, chatty, upbeat. My face and lips were puffy and I was filled with wonder and self reflection, but I can’t say that I felt immediate gratitude. It took me until later in the day and over the course of the next week to really reflect on the experience and sit with my new physical and mental reality, and that made me feel grateful. My overwhelming feeling has been one of calm, peace, patience and clarity. Things that would normally upset or unravel me feel easier to manage and communicate about and my responses to my (at times) very exhausting and frustrating little children are guided more by love and patience and less by anger and irritation. For me, that is so far THE greatest gift from Kambo. I’ve had great energy, my sleep has been deep and peaceful, and I experienced a period devoid of menstrual cramps for the first time in 28 years. I guess I needed to really feel and experience some effects or outcomes right away to believe in the power of this medicine. I’m so relieved that I did because it makes me want to continue to receive it more and to work on other things that challenge my life like sugar addiction, alcohol as coping mechanism, depression, anxiety and a fear of looming Alzheimer’s disease. I’m so thankful to have found such a powerful remedy that can be given in such a peaceful environment by such a benevolent being as Steve.

kambo frog phyllomedusa kambo remedy .jpg


I sought out Steve as an advanced Kambo practitioner, in the hopes of kambo helping me to taper off the anti- anxiety medications I had been prescribed. I had met a woman who had great success with kambo , Benzodiazepines being one of the very worst types of pharmaceuticals to withdraw from , sometimes taking years with debilitating symptoms. In my case I had been trying for three years. Steve and Kambo have been a godsend, literally for me!
Steve was very thorough in his preparation for me to receive Kambo . He gave me much of his time on the phone asking questions and helping me prepare and set my intention for the ceremony . He consulted with his mentor to be sure he was giving me the correct dose. By the time I came to receive kambo I felt a trust with Steve and reassured that I was safe, which was very important to me , given the challenges of my withdrawal .

Kambo worked like magic! It's not what you would call 'fun' , but so powerful , and the frog is a true ally I believe for any healing journey . I experienced both physical and emotional healing from two sessions that were quite profound. I was able to cut my total medication by 50% over the next 10 days with no more withdrawals from when I was cutting back 2-5% a month!! I plan to continue to receive Kambo to support my journey of becoming medication free. I only wish I had known about it before I ever took a drug in the first place

I am so grateful to Steve, and to the Kambo frog for it's healing.

I highly recommend Steve if you are thinking of taking Kambo ,you will be served well and safely !

kambo remedy kambo frog.jpg


The first time I worked with Kambo I was feeling stuck in general. The medicine helped me to motivate and take care of a few tasks I had been sitting on.

The second time I worked with Kambo was almost two weeks before my second experience with ayahuasca. At this time in my life, old childhood wounds from when I was 10 years old were beginning to emerge related to my mother and the controversy around my parents’ divorce. I was also continuing to heal from my own divorce. Kambo points were placed on my root chakra for related healing. I don’t recall my intention from this session, or what transpired for me during the throes of the medicine. But this turned out to be the first session in which Kambo became part of my overall journey towards healing this childhood wound.

In my grandmother session two weeks later, she showed me very clearly that to heal this wound I had to be brave enough to let go of whatever beliefs I was holding onto. This night, a small charcoal pot and sage was placed at the altar in the center of the ceremony for burning away whatever we needed to. For a long time, I sat there with a vision of my mother in my mind, holding onto a bit of sage at my heart, sobbing uncontrollably, until I could finally release it into the pot. The following week, my mother was in town for a visit and I took the opportunity to have a conversation with her, to excavate and examine with her this controversy I had been sitting with for almost 40 years. We had a long overdue conversation, which brought many tears, and lots of healing for both of us. Through her words, I was able to understand so clearly how her trauma impacted me. I had inherited it as if it was my own.

A few months later, I returned to Kambo in preparation for another session with grandmother. Before we got started, I gave Steve an update on what had happened since my last Kambo session, what had transpired in my grandmother session and the conversation with my mother. He suggested there may need to be some additional healing and points were placed on root and solar plexus chakras.

This session went deep. I remember hovering over my bucket while memories of being 10, around the time of my parents’ divorce, flooded my mind. I don’t recall which specific memories at this point but I remember them coming fast and being easily accessible to me. The medicine also put me in what I’d call an other-worldly state. Steve said I was unresponsive to his directives about trying to get sick. I couldn’t really move and had to lay down and began to shake. Eventually I did get sick.

After this Kambo experience, additional healing of core wounds happened outside of medicine work. I’ve had stuff come up related to my father, and have been able to access the emotion related to a defining moment in my relationship with him when I was 16. I’ve been able to see the connection between that moment and how I am today. I parlayed that clarity into clarity on my romantic relationship patterns and the connection with the relationship my father, which has been a huge insight for me.

Though I’m still learning how to work with Kambo, it has been one of the catalysts in my multi-faceted healing journey.